COVID Update

August 20, 2021


We are continuing to monitor the impact on our community due to COVID-related illnesses.  We are doing everything possible to remain in-person learning for the year.  

We are continuing our sanitization process with handwashing throughout the day. We take frequent steps to clean surfaces, including desks and door handles. Students will continue to drink from their water bottles or disposable cups. We will also be spacing students throughout the classrooms to help minimize the transfer of germs.  Masks are optional for all students.  

Our school district will follow covid protocols for students who have tested positive for coronavirus.  As a school district, we will protect sensitive health information from being disclosed.  However, we are sharing this information with you so you can make an informed decision regarding the health of your child.  Please contact your personal health care provider for further recommendations.   

 We cannot guarantee that the school environment will be completely free from COVID-19 or other related risks.  Any person who is uncomfortable with or unwilling to assume these risks should take the necessary precautions. 

Our goal is to keep these students in school and give them the best opportunity to learn.

 James Widdifield


Minden Public Schools