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Collin Nichols

Collin Nichols, about 12 hours ago

CLJ Book Fair has been delivered! Save your lucky lucre for library literacy so you can lollygag lazily through our lexicon of leaflets (books). Lazy lollygagging launches lunes (Monday). I'll be the one next to the thick thesaurus!

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Ann Madsen

Ann Madsen, about 17 hours ago

Good luck to the following teams who compete today:
Cross Country, Here, 4:30; 7th Gr FB, Here w/Gothenburg, 5:00; 8th Gr FB, Here w/Gothenburg, 6:30

Minden High School

Minden High School, 1 day ago

Head over to Runza tomorrow September 17th, to participate in Feeds the Need. Runza will donate 10% of its sales to the cafeteria debt at Minden Public Schools!

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Collin Nichols

Collin Nichols, 5 days ago

MPS and Two Rivers Public Health Department will be making influenza vaccinations available to our 4th-12th grade students this fall.

Registration forms are available on our website or the school offices and must be returned by September 19th. A separate form is needed for each individual.

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