Lifters of the Month

Lifters Of the Month October


Caden Bradley

Caden is one of our most enthusiastic lifters.  He is always a positive motivator in the weight room.  Caden is an extremely dedicated and committed lifter.  It is no wonder he is one of our strongest athletes and a member of the 1,000 lb. Club.  

Trinity Petty

Trinity is a perfectionist in the weight room and is always willing to put the extra effort in.  She is one of our strongest female lifters.  So far this school year she has become only our 7th member of the 500 lb. Club. 


Brett Eckhardt

Brett is one of the most consistent lifters we have in school.  He comes in everyday, no matter what season it is and is ready to go.  Brett comes in with a “get better today” goal in mind. His lifts go up every testing cycle.  Brett is going to be a monster before he graduates.   


Makenna Betty

Makenna is a very determined lifter.  She comes in everyday with a smile on her face and ready to push herself.  Her form has improved dramatically since last year.  Makenna has added some muscle mass and strength already this year which has and will help her on the court and track this year.