Lifters of the Month

Lifters Of the Month February


Dalton Sinsel

Dalton has constantly been a hard worker the last 4 years in the weight room.  This year he is seeing some big improvements.  This last round of testing he improved on every lift.  Not only that but he ran his fastest Pro Agility time.  He moved up the vertical jump list to 3rd all time and is now 1st all time on the broad jump with a jump of 9 '7".

Trinity Houchin

Trinity continued to see gains even during basketball season.  She was already a member of the 400 lb Club but in this latest round of testing she improved her total from 418 to 435.  She also improved her vertical jump 1.5 inches. 


Koltdyn Heath

Koltdyn has done a great job in the weight room and has done especially well since wrestling season ended.  He just finished a great week of testing, beating all of his previous lifts and making significant gains on his bench press and squat.  Koltdyn also saw his vertical increase 2 inches.


Kate Boudreau

Kate has really bought into the weight room this year.  She has improved her form a great deal and her effort has been excellent all year.  This round of testing she improved her combined Bench, Squat and Hang Clean totals by 40 lbs.  Kate’s vertical also went up an impressive 3 inches.