Q. Who is putting the plan together?

A. Several of our staff are involved in putting together preliminary plans that our Reopening Committee will review and adjust as our situation changes. The Reopening Committee is made up of representatives of hospital officials, parents, administration, and staff.

Q. Will, my child, be able to attend school every day?

A. We are working to ensure that we can have PK-12 students attend every day. We are working out plans so that rooms used will be able to have all of the students participate and still be able to social distance.  We are working out the format that best fits for all of the needs of our students.

Q. Are masks required?

A. Not at this time, but if Kearney County starts to increase in the number of positive cases, we will need to reconsider.  We will begin with the staff first, followed by 9-12 students, 4-8 students, and then PK-3.  Those considerations are depending on when and where a positive case might happen.

Q. What ways do you expect the school to be different?

A. The most significant difference we expect to be in the social aspect of the school. Given the social distancing, students will not have the same opportunities to communicate and “hang out” with one another that they are accustomed to. The same requirements will prevent students from gathering in hallways between classes or having a close conversation at lunchtime. We are looking at other ways to allow students to socialize with one another, but whatever we come up with will look different than what they are used to.

Q. Will MPS have activities?

A. At this time, yes.  We will be working with schools we compete against to make sure it is safe for our students to participate.  If we are not able to be safe, we will not attend those activities.

Q.  If the Two River's risk dial moves into the red, will the schools close?

A.  No,  the Two River's dial is for the Two River's area.  When cases increase or decrease in an area the dial will move.  We look at Kearney County or at the hospital numbers and would make a determination based on our numbers in Minden.

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