Junior Class Fundraising

Prom this year is March 27th, 2021

Your class has the exciting task of putting together PROM! Prom is paid for from your junior class dues AND from fundraising funds.

Each junior is expected to earn or pay $100 in dues. These dues not only pay for Prom, they also pay for some senior class expenses.

Each junior is expected to contribute their time in helping raise money for prom.You have the opportunity to earn the entire $100 through money-making projects:

  1. You can sell magazines. You earn 40% of all sales, so you only need to sell a

total of $250 worth of magazines in order to pay off your dues in full.

  1. You can work concession stands. The total profit of the concession stand is divided evenly among all students and/or relatives that worked. We are in charge of Homecoming Concessions October 16th, Basketball December 17th, and Basketball Concessions January 12th.
  1. You can write a check to pay off your dues. You can do this at any time and give the money to Mrs. Chancellor.

If you choose not to pay your dues OR not work ONE concession stand time slot during your junior year, you will not be allowed to attend Prom. Dues must be paid one month prior. Dues are due on February 27th, 2021.

*****Prom Theme – Start thinking about ideas for a PROM THEME! Submit your ideas to Mrs. Chancellor by Friday, October 9th, via school email.*****

(erica.chancellor@mindenwhippets.org) We will then vote on the top two themes and do a second vote to decide a winner.

Thank you,

Co-Sponsor: Jamie Boehler jamie.boehler@mindenwhippets.org

Co-Sponsor: Erica Chancellor erica.chancellor@mindenwhippets.org