Lifters Of the Month December


Carter Harsin

Carter has continued to do an excellent job pushing himself in the weight room.  He is a great leader in and out of the weight room.  Carter never has a problem motivating himself and others.  He makes his entire class period better lifters.

Priscila Madriz

Priscila is one of the hardest lifters we have in the school male or female.  She is having a great year so far, as she set personal bests on Bench, Squat and Hang Clean this last round of testing.  Prescila is also getting close to joining the 500 lb. Club.   


Bronson Glanzer

Don’t let Bronson’s quiet demeanor fool you.  He gets after it in the weight room and never takes it easy on himself.  He has shown big improvements this year.  In the latest round of testing he improved his Bench, Squat, Hang Clean, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump and Pro Agility.

Hannah Donley

Hannah always has a positive attitude in the weight room.  She has done an excellent job learning the lifts and routine.  Her form on the lifts is great and she continues to gain strength.  I have no doubt that Hannah will be on the 400 lb club soon.