Lifters Of the Month September


Colby Teel

Colby is off to a great start in the weight room again this year.   He has a big frame and has been able to put on a lot of muscle in the past few years.  Colby is very committed and has made himself a much better athlete in the weight room.

Trinity Petty

Trinity is really pushing herself this semester to get gains.  She has always been very self motivated and even very competitive in the weight room. Trinity has set some high goals for herself and I believe she will reach them with the work ethic she has.


Austin Lutkemeier

Austin is one of the hardest working students we have in the weight room.  He is also one of the strongest.  Last year Austin was the first freshman ever to make the 900 Lb. Club.  He constantly encourages those around him, which improves the atmosphere in class.

Mattie Kamery

Mattie is fairly new to lifting but is picking it up quickly.  Her form is improving everyday and she is not afraid to ask questions.  If Mattie continues to work as hard as she is right now I have no doubt that she will see huge improvements in her strength and athletic performance.