Lifters of the Month: March

Lifters Of the Month March


Jasper Birkestrand

Jasper's work ethic in the weight room continues to pay off.  He improved on all his lifts this last round of testing.  Jasper is very self-motivated and gets right to the business every day in class.  He is a great example for all the younger lifters.

Carrisa Buntemeyer

Carrisa continues to see big improvements in her strength.  In the last round of testing, she saw two of her three maxes jump by more than 20 lbs.  She all so joined the 400 lb. club last month.


Caden Bradley

Caden is one of the strongest kids we have in school right now.  He does a great job competing with his group on a daily basis.  Caden has really been focusing on improving his hang clean form and saw a big jump in his max recently.  I would not be surprised if he gets to the 900 lb. club soon.

Gracie Fries

Gracie is very strong for a freshman.  She takes pride in her form on all of our lifts.  Gracie has no problem pushing herself and never takes a day off.  I have no doubt she will see her efforts pay off in her athletic performance this coming season.