Lifters of the Month February

Lifters Of the Month February


Devin Zerr

Devin is a different lifter than what he was last year.  He has really bought in and his numbers are showing it.  He had a great round of testing last week.  I think he will finish out the school year lifting hard and will put up even better numbers in May.

Keyenna Nelson

Keyenna has been a devoted lifter since she started in weights class last school year.  She is getting extremely close to joining the 400 lb. Club.  I have no doubt with her work ethic that she will get there in May.


Bronson Glanzer

Bronson has done an excellent job his first year of lifting.  He picked up on form and technique quickly.  The effort he puts in every day has paid off as Bronson improved by double digits on all his lifts this last round of testing.

Megan Althouse

Megan is easily one of the hardest workers in her grade.  She is very focused and competitive in the weight room.  Her form is excellent and she is always positive and encouraging to her classmates.