Weight Lifters of the Month

Lifters Of the Month January


Colby Teel

Colby has had a good year in the weight room.  He has been working hard to improve his training maxes and has seen his numbers improve.  As Colby’s consistency in the weight room continues to improve, he will continue to see a great improvement in his numbers which should carry him to a successful completion to this year as well as a big senior year.

Bria Rogers

Bria has been a very consistent lifter for the past several years.  She has worked hard to improve her form and is now very good at our more technical lifts.  I have also seen a definite increase in her effort level this year.


Jack Ryan

Jack has been a “Go-Getter” in the weight room from day one.  I love his energy and effort every day.  He is a very competitive lifter which keeps him motivated.  Jack has seen every single lift continue to improve.  He will continue to see the benefits of his hard work.

Trinity Petty

Trinity loves lifting and it shows in her effort every day.  She is one of the hardest workers we have in the weight room, boy or girl.  Looking at her recent improvements on her training max’s I believe she will become only our 3rd member of the 500 lb club in the near future.