Junior/Senior ‌

Lucas Epperson

Lucas has had an impressive year in the weight room so far.  He is very self motivated and competitive in his lifting.  Lucas had a great round of testing in October, improving on all his core lifts and improving his agility, broad jump and vertical.  I would not be surprised to see him get on the 800 lb. club the next round of testing.

Alaina Suchsland

This is Alaina’s first year of weights class and she has picked things up very quickly.  Her form has improved a great deal this semester.  She is getting much stronger and I look forward to seeing how much she improves during our next round of testing.


Levi Loseke

Levi has really bought into the weight room this year.  He continues to push himself and has seen huge increases in all of his core lifts.  Levi’s agility testing, broad jump and vertical jump have all improved a great deal as well. 

Keitan Bienhoff

Keitan has done a nice job of buying into the weight room.  She has seen her hard work pay off as her training maxes continue to rise.  She has made great strides the last couple of months, and I am excited to see how much she improves in our next round of maxing out.