High School Students Learn About Mass Production and Assembly Work in Woods Class

Mr. Chramosta's woods class just wrapped up a personalized cutting board project last week. All woods classes participated and were able to complete the majority of the boards during a one week span.  The class sold personalized cutting boards to the public and community this Christmas season.  In total, 156 personalized boards were sold, created, and will be distributed!  

Creating each board involved needing to be cut and engraved on a CNC machine, sanded, the boards were treated, and then packaged for the customer.  Students were able to see the what it takes to produce and sell a product to customers from start to finish. Mr. Chramosta said, "The students enjoyed the project and we had many compliments on our boards they produced. Students were able to get a good taste of mass production and assembly line work. It was a hit! Thanks to all who purchased our personalized cutting boards."