Whippets Add a Replay Camera and Tech Crew

        If you have been to any of the Whippet’s football games you may have seen something new near the end-zone and these guys lugging it around! This year, the Minden High School football team has been using a brand new Replay Camera. They were able to purchase it with the money they have raised over the last three years. They have made money by selling fan cloth to the community and working concession stands. They raised approximately $7000 over the last three years which was more than enough for them to be able to purchase this camera. Coach Hatch said that is has been very useful. The team uses it to change plays and strategies because they are able to see what the defense is doing and quickly make an adjustment.  

The camera is controlled by an iPad on the sideline that Markus Ramsey and Carson Tuxhorn took the opportunity to learn how to operate this year. The video is sent to other iPads in the press box and on the sideline during a game making it easy for a coach to review. The previous play can be seen five seconds after it happened which makes it easy to change plays!  With new technology, came a new need. Tuxhorn and Ramsey were at every game this year running this new camera. It would not have been possible without them. They came early to set it up, controlled it during the game, and  took it down after the games too. They also traveled with the team so they were able to use it at away games! Way to go you two!  Your time and talents are much appreciated and we are proud to call you Whippets! 

The football team hopes to raise money to purchase another camera within the next few years. Great job to the Whippet football team for working hard to raise money and in all your efforts this season!