Adult Woodworking Class Starts October 23rd, Sign Up Now!

Rick Chramosta has decided to open Minden High School’s brand new woodworking shop to the community. He will be teaching a woodworking class through CCC. This is an advanced woodworking class where people can come in and use the new machines to build their own creations. This class will be held on Wednesday nights from 6-9 p.m. in the new shop on the north end of Minden High School. There will be breaks at Thanksgiving and Christmas with ten sessions all together from October 23- January 22.  Rick will go over safety and demonstrate how to use the new machines at the beginning of the class. Supplies and anything needed to build the projects must be purchased by the students and tuition cost is $99. Rick states, “I want to give back to the community and the people who have supported us for so many years!” If you have a passion for woodworking like Rick Chramosta, come and check out this class in the brand new state of the art wood shop at Minden High School!

You can sign up for the class by clicking the link below:

**The website lists the location at Holdrege, but that is because that is where the CCC campus is located. The physical location for this class is at Minden High School.