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Aaron Martin-Social Studies/English
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This is my 9th year teaching at Minden High School and my 13th overall.  I am originally from Gering, NE and received my bachelor's degree from Hastings College and my master's from UNK.

Class Schedule

1-GE 9




5-GE 9





American Government is a study of our governmental system -- national, state, and local.  In depth study will be given to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, showing how they have evolved and their meanings have changed.  Time will be spent on understanding the foundations of our government – democracy, basic principles, federalism, etc.  Other topics covered in class include each branch of government (legislative, judicial, and executive), voting requirements and processes, elections and the electoral system, mass media and public opinion (and measuring this with public opinion polls), other political and economic systems, and civil rights and liberties.  We will spend some time on State and local government and how they affect our daily lives as well.

General English 9 emphasizes basic language skills:  parts of speech, sentence patterns, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraph writing.  Vocabulary units include spelling and usage. In addition, students read assigned short stories, novels, and poetry.  Students will also read independently.




Phone: 308-832-2254, ext. 2223 Email:aaron.martin@mindenwhippets.org 622 West 3rd St. Minden, NE 68959